En Pointe

En Pointe is a collection premised on high degree of difficulty in poses and high degree of difficulty in hair. The photographer, Luis Alvarez created a book comprised of 60 images aptly named, En Pointe. All 60 images were shot in 1/60th of a second and took three years to complete. So in all actuality, three years worth of work is represented in one full second. We shot this collection with three ballerinas from the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago, and the work of multiple Aquage hair care team members. When it comes to creating hair pieces, the sky is the limit. Every interesting shape or texture you see in the world becomes a question of, "I wonder if I can make that out of hair?"


  • Photography
  • MUA
  • Wardrobe
    La Perla
  • Hairpieces
    Nicole Knobel
Ed en pointe HERO
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Ed en pointe HERO