About Me


I initially entered the beauty industry not to be a creator of, but a contributor to those that do. With an Arts and English background, I developed skills to effectively communicate, both verbally and visually.

I first exercised these skills within the beauty industry through choreography of hair shows. The visuals did heavy lifting to convey a brand message through the work of an individual artist, but the pre-production and communication made the visuals appropriate and message succinct. Understanding my role was a tiny piece of the bigger picture, afforded me opportunities to contribute. The experiences afforded the expansion of my contribution.

With each new year, came new responsibility. From choreographer, to producer, to performance coach, to sales, to licensed hair artist, then NAHA winning hair artist, then Artistic Director led me to my ultimate passion and forever growing skillset to create visual assets that are aspirational, communicate effectively, and reflect a specific identity.

The ever evolving modalities and frequency of visual communication makes content creation that much more important and has, in the best way possible, forced an adaptation to use all skill sets and develop new ones to maintain brand standards and also differentiate between the others. Being a licensed professional, and the above experience allows me to continue my journey as an artist, creator, and purveyor of all things beauty.

Nicole Knobel Creative

Nicole Knobel