Eclectic Architex

Eclectic Architex was a story to showcase color and textures in some of the most culturally rich and diverse places in the US. Miami, and New Orleans. We wanted to marry fashion and hair and show that the 2 heighten and strengthen the overall aesthetic when they work synergistically. This shoot was also a great lesson in focal length, and how the photographer includes the viewer with each place we shot, and heightens importance of location without overpowering the image for this story.


  • Photography
  • MUA
    Nicole Knobel
  • Wardrobe
    Nicole Knobel
  • Hair
    Nicole Knobel
IMG 1131
IMG 1146
Final Louis3 DSC09850 2 copy
Final Albino
2 Final Taylor DSC09941 Recovered copy
1 Final Redhead DSC09567 copy